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Aescit Corp

Sub-contractors, Services Supplier

 United States

The Aescit Corporation (“Aescit”) is a leading industrial and government service provider, focused on delivering various EPC, O&M, commissioning, decommissioning, shutdown and turnaround solutions in the Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical and Manufacturing heavy industries. Our industrial services team's diverse experience has enabled us to support the full project life cycles, as well as full asset life cycles, by developing unique solutions for our clients and partners. Since our founding in 2001, this has included provision of direct services and solutions to almost every major Owner/Operator and EPC firm in the world, across more than 15 countries and every major continent. Our Information Technology group has worked with both energy providers and various defense contractors, government, military and law enforcement groups, to create robust solutions to often complex problems. Though this often includes upgrading legacy systems, augmenting defense engineering teams or installation of complete IC communication systems, Aescit's analytics group has developed various industrial IoT analytic software(s), developed to safeguard our clients infrastructure while increasing operational efficiency and mitigating both operational overhead costs and incident risk. Aescit is trusted globally by both private and public organizations, as well as the United States and foreign governments, to help implement and manage critical initiatives, which maximize their returns from the intersection of technology and human resource talent.